Pastille Bouquet 1998-2013 Mortlach – Tasting Notes

Candied fruit sweets, fruit salad, lemon, grassy notes, chili pepper. Nose on this one is one bundle of candied fruit and fruit salad, marmalade, light chocolate notes and hay. Peppery spice, soft flowers, sweet, pineapple. Fresh, fruity and sweet with a touch of honey to it. Pomegranate, tangerines with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.

PalateStrong on the grapefruit note, in a mix of dried apricots, green apples, white grapes, tangerines, zesty lemon, pear, mint and some vanilla, a hint of pepper, mix of cereal, chocolate, and spice. Very sweet, fruity sweet.

Medium to long finish, citrus and chocolate vanilla sweet. On the finish the chocolate notes come strong to the front and give a sweet combination of dried fruits and chocolate orange sweets. Also some red pepper balls on dark chocolate and liquerish in there.

7,5 out of 10. A lot to be found in this one. The pear is on the top note here with the zesty grapefruit for sure.  It is more a summer fruity dram I find.


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