Peat Chimney 8 YO (2014) – Tasting Notes

Peaty, gentle, fruity, vanilla, sweet, salty, chocolate and heather. Getting the smoked bacon but with also a red summer fruit mix on the side, eucalyptus, a good bonfire, rosemary and citron thyme.

Peaty notes mixed with pepper and soft sweet fruits like mango. Banana, raisin, vanilla, citrus, gooseberry, chocolate and creme brulee.

Fruity freshness and sweetness combined with chocolate and fresh herbs… nice good long finish, and not overpowering with peat, with a liquerish note in the end.

7,5 out of 10. Nicely balanced dram. Want a bottle of this one. This is the 2014 version of the Peat Chimney 8 years old we tasted in the #wemyssTT3 Twitter Tasting. We have also a 2010 version in the house, that has a little bit different recipe. Besides that we have the 5 year old and 12 year old. These we are going to taste side by side soon to compare.


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