Bruichladdich – XVII – Tasting Notes

Sweet, black pepper, raisin, vanilla, dried figs, apricots, mango, fruit, honey, lemon, fresh, spice, citrus, nutmeg. Full nose, rich, chocolate and some light nutty notes.

A warming nose, you just can feel almost the tropical fruits and mint. Rich, soft and warming. Keeps developing…

Warm spices, creamy, chocolate, sweet, blossom honey, tropical fruit, pineapple, lime, chili pepper, oranges, and a dash of pink grapefruit. Mint freshness in the back coming through.

Some malty and chocolate notes mixed together, vanilla and raisin. A good muesli bar with some chocolate and fudge with a bowl of tropical fruits on the side.

Finish is a good length with sweet chocolate and vanilla notes lingering on. Also the fruit and blossom honey sweetness leave a nice mouth feel behind with a dash of mint in the back.

Beautiful nose and palate. Rich and balanced. 8,5 out of 10 for sure.


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