Teeling – Single Malt – 3rd release

Teeling and The Whisky Wire treated us in a Twitter Tasting to the 3rd release of their single malt. Teeling Single Malt is made from 100% malted barley & consists of malts aged up to 23 years old that have been matured in wine casks including Sherry, Port, Madeira, White Burgundy & Cabernet Sauvignon.

At the Twitter tasting Stephen told us that they used 5 different wine casks non chill filtered and at 46%. The majority is 2001 White Burgundy, Port, Madeira and 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon and 23 yo sherry finished malt. He tells us that the Cabernet Sauvignon gives spice and the 2001 malts fruits with the 23 yo fully Matured sherry rich depth. That the Sherry is fully Matured. The other finished between 11-13 months. And small run size again.

I found it one to need a good bit of time to open up and develop. But when it did I just wanted to enjoy it slowly. A complex and full expression that got from me a good 8 out of 10. Another cracker from Teeling.

Ginger, pepper, lots of spice and light wood note at first with red apple skin. Toffee, warm red caramel apples, brownies, rich vanilla, raisin and shortbread. Red summer fruits (red berries, black berries, blue berries) and pastry dough.

After more and more time it releases more fresh and sweet notes with some mint and citrus freshness. Bit thick creamy vanilla custard and powder sugar feel to it. Pears, apple juice, cranberry and some light grassy green note with the citrus combined. Then all of the sudden there is banana foam and an Apfel Strudel combination that is just yumm. With a little clove note and rijstevlaai with little hint of nutmeg. Getting pears in warm vanilla pudding with chocolate sprinkles. I know my mind makes up crazy foods sometimes… But that is what I am getting with some time past warming up in the glass.

Sweet, spice, honey, pineapple, red apples, citrus freshness byte, rich vanilla, custard with red summer fruit,
good bunch of spice at first before the sweet fruit and custard notes come to the front. Bit of orange and dark chocolate bitterness. But mostly sweet, fruity, with a fresh citrus splash in it, going from orchard fruits to tropical fruit notes. Bit liquerish & spice waving through it all. Develops very nicely, some dried fruits, and the pastry and rice pudding creamy coming back with some fennel and gingerbread.

Medium length, sweet vanilla richness combined with some dark cocoa powder. Almost speculaas and some ginger dryness / mouth feel. Nice finish, bit dry warm coco feel in there with some cinnamon. Complex, balanced and full of lots of different layers and the different cask types can be found very well in it when all given the time to come to the front.


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