Balblair – 1983 – Tasting Notes

At Maltstock I had a taste of the Balblair 1983 in the masterclass held there. While all ready having had some great drams in other activities I found it hard to sit down with this one and get some more extensive notes on it. So just a couple of short ones only sadly I thought. Then Lukasz gave us the chance to take a sample home to have a good look at it later. Isn’t that lovely? Really wanted to give this one a proper look at.

Sweet, fruity, rich flavours, pepper, vanilla, crème brulee, raisin, fudge and some coconut in the back. Rich tropical fruit notes with honey suckle. Getting in my mind the picture of those sugar coated fruit treats, chocolate and pear juice.

Very much like the nose really, very balanced and sweet fruity feel to it. Honey suckle, some pineapple and mango sweetness with some orange juice.

Some banana, milk chocolate, creamy, vanilla, some spices, red pepper and a hint of some dry wood in there also? Getting more the red apple and caramel feel to it, while on the nose it was more pear juice. There are some spices on the nose and palate that give it a warming feel with some freshness, almost liquerish feel.

Medium length finish, dark chocolate but with fresh citrus notes and tropical fruits, with a hint of mint in the back. Very sweet much like fudge, very nice but just a bit too much of the honey/fudge sweetness overpowering the rest I find.

7-7,5 out of 10? It is very nice, balanced and has lots of great notes to it. But a bit too sweet to my taste.


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