Benromach – Organic – Tasting Notes

On the nose some soft green notes, fresh. There is some fresh, sweet but also almost liquerish note in here. Definitely getting fennel and vanilla,  green grass notes and grapefruit, and also maybe some starfruit?

Elderflower blossom, custard , green apple, raisin and some fresh barley. Hint of Greek yoghurt sourness and freshness and creamy. Crème brulee, rhubarb, apricot and some light coconut notes
The nose and palate are very balanced and alike in notes I am getting of it. There is some more orange, lemon and coffee bean bitterness on the palate. All in all sweet, fruity, liquerish with some honey suckle, chocolate and coffee. Getting some grilled pineapple and mango sweetness with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sprinkles. Also some delicate pastry notes coming to the front.

On the nose and palate the aniseed and fennel notes are woven through it all and forming a “red line” so to say. Very balanced and enjoyable. Yumm. A good finish with lovely notes. Tasted this for the first time at the Twitter Tasting from Benromach and The Whisky Wire. Lovely. Gave it a 7,5 out of 10, and love to have a taste of it again and maybe get myself a bigger bottle to enjoy and share. 


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