Rutte – John White – Tasting Notes

Decades ago, John White was designed by John Rutte, because he saw the similarities between whisky and Dutch jenever. A blend was made with Jenever and Islay whisky. John named it after himself and after the famous historical figure from his hometown: Johan de Wit

A sweet and fruity expression of the Rutte & Sons Distillers. The nose gives at first a creamy impression mixed with sweet berries, vanilla and citrus. Underneath that is a layer of dry black tea mixed with some woody herbs and gooseberries. Fresh notes come through this all combined with the juniper berries. 
On the palate you can find the sweet berries and vanilla well, but also some grain and liquerish notes. Red berries, raspberries and some earthy and wood notes. This last bit could well be the influence of the unknown Islay malt that has been added what gives it a bit of a dry taste. It feels balanced, just. But not going wild over this one, not a combination I would be looking for, but that is just my opinion. Please go and look for a taste of this one for your self and see what you think of it. Thanks Guus for sharing a sample of this one with us!

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