Rutte – Jonge Rutte – Tasting Notes

From Rutte & Zn, the ‘Jonge Rutte’ is a soft and young Jenever. It has a light nose of grain notes with something sweet fruit in the mix. Soft white pepper and juniper berries are present in the back here. But on the palate they become more present and is the taste a bit fresher, more spices and sweeter. Notes of grain, red crumbly apples, liquerish, white peppers and juniper berries come through clearly. Tasted it at normal temperature and also out of the freezer. They tell us sometimes this is the way to drink a Jenever. Wanted to know the difference we set them side by side. And when chilled in the freezer it was clear it held more fresher notes on the palate then before, like citrus mixed with coriander, dragon and tarragon and caraway seeds

A soft expression what can be used as a started or might even be nice in a mix of fruit juices or when preparing deserts. Maybe soak some fruit in it, make a fruit compote, or combine with sweet custard pudding?
The finish was not a long one, but sweet. I found it to be a bit too soft and it seemed to go away quickly on the nose and palate. It was liquerish stick sweet, just a bit too much, but that is just me. That’s why for me a 6 out of 10 for this one. Going to try this desert idea I got out sometime, see what that does for me. Maybe I just need to have more practise with the #dutchspirits It is a world a bit unknown to me really… Thanks Guus for sharing a sample of this one with us!


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