Rutte – De Oude 5 – Tasting Notes

The “Oude 5” from Rutte & Sons distillers is made from grains, herbs and juniper berries. The flavours in this jenever would come from the large amount of malt spirit and maturing years on oak casks. 

It is for sure an expression with its owns character and honey sweet, what almost looks like syrup. Maybe a nice expression to have beside a coffee? Its creamy and not overpowering in the flavours, but giving a warm feel to it.

On the nose I get a mixture of blossom, light grain, wood and black pepper notes. The palate gives me lots of sweet fruit notes combines with soft flowers and some nuts and roses. Creamy, liquerish, demerara sugar, vanilla, custard, dark berries and cherries.

When cooled down the syrup feel becomes more stronger together with the liquerish, aniseed, vanilla and a bit grainy. In the back ground a bit gooseberries and lime. A sweet, spicy and fruity jenever what shows when cooled in the freezer and at room temperature a totally different side of it and almost turns into a liqueur.

Scoring for me a 7 at this moment. Not bad, has some good characteristics to it, but is honey sweet. That is something that is putting me off this one a bit…


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