Rutte – Oude Simon – Tasting Notes

The “Oude Simon” expression from Rutte & Sons Distillers is a jenever based on old recipes of the founder Simon Rutte and made of grains, herbs and juniper berries. On the nose it shows some tones of roasted nuts, dry not salted peanuts, heavy dark berries, grain, caraway and coriander

The palate is light sweet and liquerish with soft spices on the background. Also I detect some light dry notes and a light bitter in here of roasted chestnuts, hazelnuts and cashew nuts. The mouth feel is sugar cane sweet. 

An expression that might be a good one when used in mixed drinks together with tropical fruit juices and make a good summer drink with that. Or might me good with cola and some lime? Scored it a 6,5 for now, not a huge favourite of mine at the moment. The nose needs some time to open up, but a good mixer I think. 


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