Duncan Taylor – Auld Blended 35 years – Tasting Notes

A 35 year old blend from Duncan Taylor, bottled at 46%, nonchill filtered and no colour added. This Auld Blended Scotch Whisky we got to try at a tasting at van Wees. Lovely dram and enjoyed making some notes on it for sure.

Soft, smooth and spices at the first nose, very soft. Ginger bread and bastogne cookies (some sort of rock candy cookie, best translation of kandij koek from Dutch I think) Very nice soft citrus notes and vanilla with puff pastries. With some water added it gets a bit more smoked malt notes. After a while the notes found on the palate also become visible on the nose better

At first some very nice notes of smoked salmon and other light smoke notes. Great soft fruit, red apple, rich vanilla notes, smooth and light orange and pineapple notes.

The notes from the nose come back on the palate. Smooth, soft, fruity, orange and light tropical fruit are the bigger notes on the nose and palate in the end.

Quite a long finish with sweet fruit, soft and some white pepper. Some herbal notes dryness coming through and some liquerish and ginger.

7,5 out of 10. Very balanced. Lovely expression, needed some time to open up, and got the idea with water added that it not needed it at all, bit fragile in that way, disappeared quickly. But all in all a lovely dram.


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