Rutte – Oude Rutte – Tasting Notes

The “Old Rutte” is an old jenever of Rutte & Sons Distillers what shows an herbal and spice full mix on the nose of caraway and juniper berries. Liquerish, many fruits, red apples, vanilla and grain are very present. These are also coming forward very nicely on the palate combined with the sweetness of brown caster sugar.

When it is cooled the sweeter and dryer notes come to the front a bit more, but with stronger and fresher notes of the caraway and coriander. The dryer taste feels a bit like elderflower blossom, vanilla, cassis and citron thyme mixed together. 
It has some more powerful notes then the “Jonge Rutte” It is good on its own, but I can imagine that it can be good in a mix of soft tropical fruits, or just as with the “Jonge Rutte” be combined in the preperation of a dessert of vanilla/custard combined with some rich fruits. A fresh, sweet and fruity expression with a light grain undertone. Scoring me a 6,5 out of 10.


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