Aberfeldy 12 (Batch #2905) – Tasting Notes

Aberfeldy 12 years old, a whisky I must say find it good value for money. Not too expensive and can please a lot of people. Maybe could use a bit more strength on it, but I like it must say, and glad I got myself a bottle, just for when you like a good dram after a long day at work…

The nose is sweet, fudge, chocolate mouse, citrus, pomolo, pink grapefruit, honey, red pepper (light in the back). After a bit of time some of the spices and floral notes from the palate I find also on the nose. Dry baking spices with ripe galia melon and some nice parma ham…

On the palate honey sweet, bit caramel, and loads of toffee and chocolate notes coming through at first. There is some spice like cinnamon and nutmeg going on in there combined with chili pepper. Some dry nuts coming through also after a bit of time and dry notes going more to some cereal feel in a way. Fruit notes like pear juice, red apple, citrus and banana coming through but also some floral notes, soft roses and violets almost.

The finish is soft and fudgy sweet, with cinnamon dryness and not too long… As said nice sipping dram, has enough in it, and is good value for money. Marking it a good 7+ out of 10 for sure. Something to try out when you see a bottle.


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