Highland Park Ambassador’s Choice – Tasting Notes

Highland Park Ambassador’s Choice, a 10 year old whisky. Making some notes on it after we all got a sample to take home from the Whisky Live Festival in The Hague last year due to their anniversary.

The nose is very mossy, moorish and dense at first. Some vanilla, heather, honey and thick flower notes emerged to the front. It has a bit rough coastal feel to it, and all the notes combined give you after a bit a feel of soft leather and fruits. But there is the overall feel of a bit “harsh” on the nose.

On the palate I find raisin, lime, lots of sweetness and dense herbal/mossy notes. Makes me feel like walking in a very wet bog a bit, combined with salt and chocolate. But with a hint of citrus and mint freshness in the end.

From the moorish notes it develops into a bit more soft lavender and other floral notes, sweet fudge and soft nougat. Soft fruits notes coming trough it all like red apples, banana, soft cherry notes and mango, pineapple and oranges.

Find the finish not to be long and sugary sweet on the teeth, with some dried apricots and mango. Maybe also a hint of coconut dryness in the very end with the light peaty feel?

This dram gets more gentle with time for sure but keep finding it a bit too closed and harsh on some sites to my liking. But that’s just me. That’s why I am giving it a small 7 out of 10. It has some depth and development in it, so not bad at all, but just not my preferred one of the Highland Park range…


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