Abbey Whisky – Kilchoman 5 yo – Tasting Notes

This 5 year old whisky has been distilled in 2009 at the Kilchoman distillery on Islay, and was matured in cask #285 for a total of 5 years. It was bottled at 58,3% in 2014 for Abbey Whisky.

The nose is sweet and liquerish, full with spices, chili pepper, ginger, fruits, salt, chocolate and a hint of tobacco. Dense fruit notes and heather. Feels a bit also like standing on a beach with seaweed on the rocks, salty wind and in your hair, and eating a fresh salmon sandwich. That was the image going through my mind, with the notes of the peat and heather behind you mixing in the air. Fresh lime note in the back with peaty/salty zing to it… Banana, red apple, cream, and something that makes me think of rye bread a bit. Mhmmm….

On the palate at first some sweet honey and dried apricots feeling coming through with rich vanilla and sultana’s. Fruit mixed with honeycomb, some mint, lime, banana, red apple, cream, thick, liquerish and chewy.

Palate and nose show a balanced feel or warm, spices, sweet and full range of different notes. Even with a good dash of water added it still is a warm explosion of chilli pepper, fruit and some dry sweet earthy notes.

A good length finish with some vanilla, liquerish, creamy, sultana’s and cocoa notes. As said a good array of different notes in here, feels balanced and not too overpowering on the dryer earthy and peaty notes. Scoring it a 7,5 out of 10.


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