The Maltman – Port Charlotte 12 year old – Tasting Notes

From the people of Meadowside Blending comes this lovely bottling of The Maltman. Distilled in December 2001 at the Port Charlotte distillery and in total 269 bottles were produced at 12 years old. Matured in bourbon cask number #846 and bottled in May 2014 at cask strength 52,4%

On the nose I find first some cherry, raisin, vanilla, ripe fruit and sweet notes. Followed by sweeter red apple, banana and some fresh pomolo, pink grapefruit. Some earthy notes and herbal are underneath it all combined with equaliptus and red summer fruits.

The palate is ashy at first with mostly sweet wine gums, vanilla and fruit. This is strong stuff, time to put a little bit of water in it, wow, hot chili peppers burning my throat away. With some water added the nose becomes a bit more mellow on the earthy feel.

The palate is also more sweeter and fruitier then before, the chilli peppers go a bit to the back. Some nice dried fruits and vanilla sweetness arise, some raisin and warm wintery spices with a brioche like soft taste in the end.

Green apples and almost a bit like kiwi, some mango, dried pineapple and hint of coconut on the finish with dark chocolate and some salt. And on the very end of the medium length sweet finish I find a particular note of dried banana bits. Find it a bit dry on the finish and palate, scoring this lovely dram an 7,5 out of 10. Thanks Andrew for providing the sample to us! Great one!


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