Rutte – Jenever #91 – Tasting Notes

In a “Friends from Rutte” programme we received a sample of a Jenever from cask 91 to try out and send some notes back to them on it. This was put in this cask on 29/01/2014 and was drawn for us on 13/02/2015 at 38%

It is a lovely soft and sweet Jenever. Maybe a bit too soft I find… The nose and palate are quite the same after some time sniffing and sipping it. It is sweet, lemon, fresh, light liquerish note and some dried fruit. Apple, banana, berries and thyme come through.

It is creamy soft with some white grape dryness but vanilla sweet and liquerish. I found it to be nice for sure, but really can use some more herbal strength to my opinion. Curious what this will do when left longer to mature a bit.

Lovely programme they have to have the ability to share a cask together. Looking forward to trying some more of their expressions. Soon we have a visit planned to them and a workshop, so keep an eye out on the WhiskySpeller site for more info coming soon on Rutte and their Jenevers.


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