Octomore 6.3 – Tasting Notes

The Octomore 6.3 Islay Barley is an 5 years old expression and is at 258 ppm and 64%. If you want some more information on this one you can have a look here. Its no secret that we love the Octomore expressions and many other expressions coming from Bruichladdich distillery, so very happy to have a chance to taste this one and write some notes on it.

Looking forward to visiting Bruichladdich again and having some fun. Want to read about our previous experiences with this distillery? Why not have a look here and see why we just fell for this place that is placed in a #IslayTimeSpaceBubble, I swear you, time moves in a different pace there.

The nose of this Octomore has honey sweetness mixed with cassis, vanilla and some earthy notes between lots of berries. Some roasted ham, cherry, dried banana, heather, chili peppers and thyme. It is sweet but mixed with strong harder moorland flavours and delicious fruit notes.

On the palate these are all mixed with some dark chocolate, warm spices and more dark and red summer fruit notes. Almost a tropical sweetness of mango, banana, pineapple and red apple coming through with some coconut hints mixed through it. Mixing with the roasted ham, or a good BBQ roast almost with some fresh herbs, it delivers a very nicely balanced nose and palate that has a bit salty and chilli pepper feel.

The finish is of a good length and the rich vanilla and dark chocolate comes back to the front after the roasted meat section, to deliver dessert with some great chocolate mouse, served with some exotic fruits sweetness and freshness. A hint of equaliptus and lemon on the finish maybe?

Thanks Ronald for sharing the last of your sample with us to enjoy. It was savoured and enjoyed very much. This one is again a score of a good 8, going to 8,5 out of 10 for me. Lovely stuff….


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