The Maltman – Miltonduff 6 YO – Tasting Notes

From the great people at Meadowside Blending we got some lovely samples to try out of the “The Maltman” expressions. This time I tried the Miltonduff 6 years old expression, to be released mid March 2015 of what we understood. It is bottled at 50%, after maturing in a Bourbon cask from being distilled in October 2009. 

On the nose I find some rich vanilla, nuts and lots of apple notes. It has a buttery feel to it, of white chocolate. But also feels fresh and fruity. White grapes, light dry almost coconut feel and some fresh citrus. Feels a bit young on the nose, but not unpleasant. It shows fruit sweetness and vanilla creaminess for sure.

The palate has at first some red pepper spice and dark chocolate bitter that gives you a good kick for sure. But it subsides a bit into sweet fruit notes again, and I can find the flavours from the nose very well again here. But there is some more toffee sweetness on the teeth, with the darker chocolate instead of the creamy white. But with some more grainy and nutty notes coming to the front. Like a good breakfast granola with some dried tropical fruit mix with coconut chips added to it. Sprinkle it with some chocolate sprinkles and add some quark, and you have the picture that is in my mind when tasting this one.

The middle length finish is creamy, soft and leaves you with mostly the granola/nutty bit. An enjoyable dram for sure, has a young bite to it, and have the idea when adding some water to temper the red pepper a bit it will be to much water very fast. The flavours behind the sharper and bitter notes you get at first on the palate are not unpleasing, and reveal the other softer and creamier layers very quickly. An 7 out of 10 for now for me for sure, lovely expression. Thanks for sharing it with us Andrew! Keep your eyes out on this page, more lovely things to come from “The Maltman” expressions! 🙂 

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