The Maltman – Aberlour 22 yo – Tasting Notes

From “The Maltman” collection of the guys at Meadowside Blending comes this expression from Aberlour distillery. Aged 22 years old, and bottled at cask strength 49.7%. It was distilled in November 1992 and matured in an Oloroso Sherry cask.

Nosing this one the sweet and rich flavours give me the idea of a lush desert buffet filled with all kind of pastries and tropical fruits. The Sherry cask influences are very present here and make it a rich and creamy one. Light notes of prunes, soft leather and figs mixed with dried fruit richness. Tropical fruits like pineapple are flashing through my mind but also some fresh orange juice freshness and sultana sweetness. The pastry note, some chocolate, red apples, rich vanilla and much more makes me think a bit of warm Apple Strudel with custard sauce. 
The palate reveals this richness found on the nose very well, and is a warming and sweet one for sure. Demerara sugar, fudge, puff pastry, chocolate croissants, rich fruit notes, vanilla, honey suckle, and so much more comes to mind. Yes, loving this lovely dram for sure! Feels balanced and delivers on the palate what the nose promises, with a good finish on it. The soft creamy chocolate note lingers on with the feeling of soft brioche bread and some fresh tropical fruit beside it. In the end the soft leather comes back a bit to get stuck between your teeth as a light dry layer between all the sweetness. I do love these kind of drams. Rich and warming. My score for this one is a 8 out of 10. Love to have myself a bigger bottle of this one. Thanks Andrew for sharing it with us! 

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