Douglas Laing – Old Particular – Arran – 18YO – Tasting Notes

In a recent Twitter Tasting I had the opportunity to taste the Old Particular from Douglas Laing coming from the Arran distillery. An 18 year old expression bottled at 48,4%.

The honeyed fruit nose we know of Arran for sure on this one. Green apples mixed with red ones, vanilla, some dark chocolate, getting some different orchard fruits. Lovely creamy warm feel on the palate, with some lemon and red pepper sharpness coming through the sweet layer of orchard fruits. Some sultana and dried apricots coming through a bit. 
Dark chocolate in here also with some vanilla. A rich fruit cake sort of flavours with chocolate and maybe some caramel over it. Reminds me a bit of warm milk creaminess. It is balanced, and has a lovely nose and palate, goes very well for some relaxed dramming.

The finish is of a medium length and next to the orchard fruits I get some black current and raspberry flavours mixed in the vanilla/chocolate cake. Lovely. Scoring a good 7 out of 10 for me. Think if I had the chance to come back to this one with some more to explore I could get more out of this one. It did not show me all I got the feeling. 


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