Balblair – 2003 – Tasting Notes

I had the chance to taste this whisky again that I first made some notes on in a masterclass at Maltstock. This Balblair 2003 expression (first release) replaces the 2002. It is bottled at 46% and no natural color and non chill filtered.

Just got a quick glance at this one in the masterclass. The nose and palate gave me at first a bit sour grapes, high citrus notes, sweet, apple and banana. It felt a bit young to me, and had a short finish. At that moment scored it an 6,5 out of 10.

But then the possibility came by again to do a second try of this whisky, and was I glad I did! Turns out the glasses were indeed a bit too cold at Maltstock and needed much more time to develop in the sweetness it is. Below my latest notes and score on this one.

Nice and sweet with some fresh notes of mint and citrus. It needs some time to open up and when you give it some time the sharp citrus and sour green apple disappear. After that being gone it shows more the fruit notes like red apple, banana and oranges. It has some sweet fudge and creaminess to it.

Like the nose you can find here also fruit notes. It is warm and sweet, and has orange, menthol, rich vanilla and raisin notes in it. Some creamy white chocolate notes also linger in the back.

Sweet medium length finish with notes of cream, white chocolate and oranges

7,5 out of 10. It really is getting more open and friendly with time, and the nose and palate seem to be quite in balance with each other. A sweet, but also fresh and fruity whisky. Good to maybe enjoy together with a dessert.


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