The Balvenie Doublewood 17 – Tastingnotes

When people who start drinking whisky ask you “what can you recommend to me to start with?” There is somehow always a Balvenie expression in there and mostly the 12 year Doublewood. Good value for money and lovely whisky. People always come back to us with positive responses after tasting it really. But there is one bigger sibling, the 17 year old. Lovely. Just lovely. Bit higher in the price range, but also giving a lot more I think. Think I am going to need a bottle of the 12 and 17 in the house, just great to share and see the differences also between them.

There is malty sweetness on the nose combined with sweet wood notes and vanilla. Fruity and feeling a bit the sherry influences. It has lots of raisins, spice, honey, butterscotch and is sweet and warm.

The notes of the nose continue very nicely through on the palate. Sweet palate with fruity notes, honey, raisin, vanilla, spice, butterscotch and again very clearly the sherry influences.

Medium length sweet finish filled with dried fruits.

Scoring a good 7,5 out of 10. Very enjoyable dram for sure! Maturing first in American oak barrels and then transferring it to European oak sherry casks gives a very lovely combination in flavours with the Balvenie spirit added to it.

Want to see some more of this distillery or read about our travels to this wonderful place? You can find it all here on the WhiskySpeller website. Pictures can be found on the Facebook page.


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