Langatun Old Deer – Tasting Notes

At a festival recently we had a look at some Swiss whiskies from the Langatun distillery. We tasted the Old Deer and the Old Bear next to each other from this distillery.

The Old Deer is distilled in 2009 and bottled in 2015 and matured on a Sherry / Chardoney cask. It is produced with non peated malt and in the fermentation process English Stout yeast was used. The normal version is at 40% and then there is also a cask strength version at 64%. My notes below are on the 40% expression. The Old Bear is the same make up as we understood, but this is a smoky version. Not like peat infused but more wood smoked. Both had a lovely feel to it at the festival so very glad we got a sample to dive into it some more.

The nose is fresh, sweet, little bit of malty and wood notes. Fruit, vanilla, citrus, blue berries, white chocolate, macademia nuts and spices. Lots of spices and berries like cranberries and red berries come to mind, with almost a hint of juniper? Makes me think of some notes you can find in beer but also in jenever. Very nice sweetness, fruit and other full notes, but still a soft and gentle nose.

It has a bit young feel over it, but does not bother me really. The nose and palate seem in a good balance with each other. It gives me a good fruity and fresh mouth feel. Some white pepper mixed with red apples, banana, dark forrest fruits and some cherries. Creamy clover honey soft and sweet, with a nice length finish on it, with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Thanks Helvetia Spirits for sharing the sample with us to have a better taste. Scoring me this one a 7,5 out of 10.


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