Santis Malt – Tasting Notes

Recently we had the pleasure of doing a little interview with Urs Dähler, Säntis Malts’ Whisky maker, and discover more about the Swiss Highlander. one to certainly keep your eye on with some lovely products they are putting out there. Thanks Helvetia Spirits for sharing a sample with us so we can get some better notes on it. 

Fresh, sweet, herbal, equaliptus, citrus thyme, honey, lime, grapefruit, liquerish, flowers, daisies, clover, bit milk chocolate sweetness lying underneath with some vanilla. 
Creamy, fresh, soft spices, bit liquerish, honey, fudge, vanilla, sponge cake, dried fruits, orange, grapefruit, mango, herbal, bit white pepper and some milk chocolate. 
Medium length finish, with a sweet feel to it, the herbal feel fades quickly a bit sadly, and leaves the creamy mouthfeel behind. 
Soft, balanced and gentle, sweet and fresh dram. A good 7 out of 10, and certainly something to dive deeper in to. You can definitely feel the difference in the cask management and the influence of the beer. Lovely. If you would like to know more about this distillery why not have a look at the interview where we dived a bit more into the distillery and the story behind it?


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