Tullibardine – Sauternes – Tasting Notes

This whisky from the Tullibardine distillery is bottled at 46%, and has been finished off in Chateau Suduiraut Sauternes Casks, which are 225 litres in size. This is clearly visible in the nose and palate and shows some fresh and fruity characteristics.

Vanilla, sweetness underneath, red apple, fruit, raisin. White wine sweetness and some freshness from grapefruit. Milk chocolate and hazelnut, honey suckle, clover, fudge, warm cherries
Sweet, fruit, vanilla, dried fruits, honey suckle, some baking spices, orange, hint of dark chocolate. There is something of tobacco and leather notes in there, lingering in the back. Something creamy and floral notes like roses and violets. Red apple, banana, blood orange. Light nutty bitter note behind the many sweet notes and some tropical sweet fruit notes.
Medium length, bit dry cinnamon on the end with vanilla and a pear juice mouthfeel. 
Needs some time to open up. Very sweet on the teeth with some demerara sugar feel after a bit. 
7/10, a bit to sweet for my personal taste, but lovely dram for sure, and feels balanced.
Thanks Guus for sharing a sample with us. 

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