The Balvenie – 16 Years Triple Cask – Tasting Notes

The first time I encountered this whisky was at an all Balvenie tasting, later on I got my hands on a sample to have a closer look. What does Balvenie tells us about this expression?

The Balvenie Triple Cask range, which comprises of the 12 year old, 16 year old and 25 year old expression, is created by combining The Balvenie that has matured in the three most traditional types of cask – first-fill bourbon, refill bourbon and sherry – in a large wooden vessel known as a marrying tun. These new marriages of The Balvenie are made to precise recipes refined over time by our Malt Master David Stewart to ensure that each captures the distillery’s distinctive rich, smooth and honeyed style. Exclusively available in Travel Retail.


From the first made quick notes during the tasting I wrote down: first this one felt a bit dusty, but with a bit warming up and time it became more sweeter. Mix of fruit and nuts. Some dates and vanilla, sweet but with a bit wet wood, and eastern spices. 
Coming back to it I still find the nose a bit too soft, but do not get the wet wood again. There is more a mix of vanilla overpowering with some citrus and nuts coming forward. Raisin and rich fruit cake, green apples mixed with pomegranate.

On my first visit to this whisky I got mostly sweet, honey, heather, red summer fruits, vanilla, dates, plums, nut bread, citrus, chocolate, and fruit. Coming back to it the added notes from the nose come more to the front first and then the second layer behind it reveals some more dense sugary sweet fruit notes like a warm caramel red apple. The nutty and citrus notes mixed through it. Fruity, honey and dried fruits for sure… 
Medium length finish, with citrus, orange, nuts and dark chocolate.
7 out of 10. Balvenie 16 Years Triple Cask is bottled at 40%. My opinion on it in the end does not change a lot. It is a balanced and fruity sweet dram. But has a bit too much of a new wood note going through it, might be the nuts influence (and I am not a huge fan of those) so that brings my score down. 


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