The Balvenie – Cask #17703 – 1974 / 2014 – Tasting Notes

First of all have to say – we did not take a picture and we did not took it home to enjoy – no we did not. Sorry. we did. But what do you expect when you can draw yourself something from the cask with friends from a 40 year old Balvenie in the warehouse…? And we were the designated drivers that day, so no option on enjoying it there and then… Being Warehouse 24 members and on an amazing trip through Speyside with friends this was one of the big highlights to visit this distillery and share the passion with friends of these lovely expressions from this distillery.

One of the perks of being a Warehouse 24 member is when you take a tour there and mention that you are member, they let you draw something from a lovely cask to enjoy in the tasting after the tour. Well, weren’t we lucky with a 40 year old lovely whisky set before us? We had to track it down through the warehouse by knowing only the number first, but with a good plan of attack with the whole group involved we located it quickly. Only big smiles on the faces when seeing what was before us to taste.

So lets dive into this lovely dram and think back of the good times there spend with friends… On the nose first comes to mind a strong feeling of cocoa powder. Sweet, dark, dense notes of rich fruit, dark honey, dried fruits, rich dark forrest fruit jam, black current, vanilla, chocolate and mocha. Makes me think a bit of a rich and dense Christmas pudding. There is so much to be found in this one beside the lovely sweet notes. Fresh citrus and mint notes, giving me the feeling of a rich fruit bowl.

Ok, time to take a sip, because I could nose this for hours for sure. OMG. Can imagine the smiles on the faces of the group when this warm and rich dram was tasted. What an explosion of flavours in your mouth and a long finish. The notes from the nose come back perfectly and balanced though out. Creamy, rich, fruity, sweet and velvet feel almost. The different flavours keep coming to the front, from orchard fruits to more exotic fruit types and dark forrest fruits. Spices and sweet pastry notes and a light lovely toasty note underneath. Scoring this whisky? Well, would say a 9 out of 10 for sure. Too bad we could not purchase a full bottle of this one…


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