Arran – Sauternes Cask Finish – Tasting Notes

The Arran Sauternes Finish, one of their 3 Cask Finish whiskies, bottled at 50%, non chillfiltered and no additional colouring added. After maturing in oak casks for approximately 8 years, this bottling was finished in a selection of Sauternes wine casks.

Had the pleasure of tasting this one in an #ArranWhisky Twitter Tasting. Lovely expression and you can really feel the influence of the Sauternes wine casks coming back in it.

Sweet, fruit, raspberry, strawberry, honey, creamy, gingerbread, white pepper, little bit of middle eastern spices and some orange.

Chilli pepper, sweet, fruit, liquorice, red summer fruits, hint of orange and red apple. Banana, creamy, milk and white chocolate, vanilla, sultana, dried figs, cinnamon. Almost like a banana milkshake and a hint of salt? Peaches and pineapple juice…

Soft and creamy, medium length finish. Very sweet with chocolate and red summer fruit.

An 7/10 at least, I find it very sweet on the palate, that lowers it a bit. But balanced and lovely dram for sure, nice for after dinner dram 🙂


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