Arran – Single Bourbon Cask 99/103 – Tasting Notes

The Arran Single Bourbon Cask 99/103, bottled at 55.3% Perfect harmony between the spirit and bourbon casks. This one is a first fill Bourbon Cask, just short of 14 years old. Tasted this lovely expression in the #ArranWhisky Twitter Tasting. Enjoyed this one very much. 

Vanilla, honey, red apples, green apples, citrus, cream, puff pastry, fudge, some pepper and lots of sweetness and lots of fruits.  Rich nose, keeps coming after a bit with new notes. Eucalyptus, orange, and some rich flower notes…. ? Mushy banana, custard, maple syrup…

Fruit, sweet, very creamy, black pepper, red apples, citrus byte, fresh, white chocolate, sultana, vanilla, fudge, red summer fruit, banana, white grapes and like a rich fruitcake. Spicy, fruity, sweet and high on the creamy mouthfeel. Like white chocolate covering my whole mouth. Little hint of coconut and some nuts in the back entwined with all the fruit sweetness?

Medium length finish, sweet, creamy and white chocolate. There is some warm milk chocolate with cream on top in there. But also some dark chocolate, almost espresso note. after eights, the orange and chocolate sweets and some biscuits

8/10 for sure! Very full, rich and nice expression. Bit sharp and creamy, but nice, complex and keeps developing.


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