Berrys Bros & Rudd – Strathclyde 2005/2014 – Tasting Notes

In the master class with Charles Maclean at the WFNN festival recently I tried this expression from the Strathclyde distillery. A lovely single grain whisky distilled in 2005 and bottled in 2014 at the age of 8 years old. Non chill filtered and no colour added at this whisky. Bottled at 58,7 from cask #106491.

Spice, sweet, oily, nutty (light) fresh/young, citrus, fruit, light grassy, grapefruit

Sweet, soft, velvet, oily is more gone and becomes more creamy. Pears, red apple and just a hint of malty notes between the fruit. Fresh and a light hint of spice.

Medium length finish. Fruity, vanilla, fresh and grapefruit coming back in the end

Scoring an 7,5 /10. Loving this dram, great balance between the sweet and fresh side in it, balancing the citrus and nutty notes out a bit between layers of fruit.


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