Glenfiddich 15YO – Tasting Notes

The Glenfiddich 15 year old. A wonderful whisky aged in European, American, and New American oak. Then the whisky is put into the Solera system before being married in Portuguese oak tuns.

Heather honey, ripe apricots, vanilla, fudge, fruits, red apples, orange, caramel, chocolate, cream, spices, sultana’s, crème brulee, sweet pastry, powdered sugar, brioche, cinnamon, warm apple pie, marzipan, nutmeg, cookie dough…

Like the notes on the nose for sure coming back beautiful! Warm, sweet, rich honey comb with the bit waxy feel to it almost, dried stone fruits, hint of dried figs, chocolate, fudge, dark fruits, cherry’s, nuts, caramel, vanilla, fruitcake, dried fruits, creamy, the sweet puff pastry feel with crème brulee…

A bit cocoa powder and cinnamon dryness on the good length sweet and warm finish. Making me think of a Christmas pudding a bit.

A good 7,5 out of 10. Nice and warm, something to have in the collection…


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