Glenmorangie – the Original – Tasting Notes

This it the original expression of the Glenmorangie range, a very nice 10 year old whisky. They have used first and second fill American white oak casks for the maturation.

A light grassy and citrus note dominates with the vanilla on this soft and sweet nose. Raisins, red apple, pine apple juice, peach, honey and toffee can be found in here also.

The taste of rich vanilla and the honey, almost a syrupy feel, combined with some pepper, oranges, pine apple juice, milk chocolate, cinnamon, nuts, raisins and dried apricots make it a sweet expression. 
Sweet in the beginning of this not too long finish. There is a bit of an orange peel taste and ends up with some dryness of different nuts and nutmeg.

7 out of 10. It is soft and sweet and something you could sit with for some time on a warm summers day. Good to standard have in the collection at home. Want to read more on this distillery? Have a look at this WhiskySpeller article about it!

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