Compass Box – Hedonism Quindecimus – Tasting Notes

From the lovely people at Compass Box we got a sample send over to try the Hedonism Quindecimus, their fifteenth anniversary limited edition blended grain whisky. Tasted some more expressions of Compass Box since my whisky journey began and I can only say I love their products more and more, and was looking forward to trying this one since I heard it was coming out.  

After the launch of the Compass Box Whisky Company in 2000 they brought out their first bottling, the original Hedonism. Eight years later they put on the market the Hedonism Maximus where they used exclusively older and rarer whiskies. In this 15th anniversary year they felt it was time to go back to where it all started for Compass Box and reinvent Hedonism once more for a very limited edition celebratory bottling. 

There is a balanced and rich nose and palate with shows rich vanilla and great sweet grain notes with a sugar cane edge almost to it. Ripe galia melon with some creamy clover honey, white pepper, fresh ginger, gooseberry, raisin, oriental spices and puff pastry on the first waves of flavours. Then some sweet white chocolate with crisped rice, red apples, cookie dough, soft rose pedals, raspberry, ripe mango, hint of coconut, caramel, dash of lime and crushed mint leaves in the end.

A good length finish with soft, sweet and creamy notes lingering on. A lovely expression to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary for sure! Scoring me an 8 out of 10 at least. This is made of five different grain whiskies from a 28 year old from Dumbarton, a 20 and 25 year old from Port Dundas, a 20 year old from North British and some from Loch Lomond 32 year old.

It is bottled at 46%, not chill-filtered and natural colour. Total of 5.689 bottles produced for this fifteenth anniversary limited edition. It was bottled in February 2015. Thanks Compass Box for letting us enjoy this lovely dram and putting it for sure on the to buy wishlist.  #nomnomnom 


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