Single Malts of Scotland – Caperdonich 1998/2010 Heavily Peated – Tasted Notes

Photo from the Whisky Exchange

When we were on Islay recently Matthijs brought along a sample of a heavily peated Caperdonich, 12 years old, for us to taste. Curious one for sure and loved making some notes on it. Thanks Matthijs for sharing! This whisky is at 57% and bottled for the Single Malts of Scotland range.

On the nose there is some fresh lemon and heather with some sweet vanilla mixed with wet mossy peat notes. A note coming to the front that reminds me of juicy pears combined with ginger cake. There is a light floral note with some red apples, bananas, nutmeg and dried ginger.

The palate is much like the nose, but with some chili pepper and heavier fruit notes. Figs and prunes, dark bitter chocolate and a hint of wet wood. Frisian Sugarbread, light espresso bitter note and a mix of the heather notes coming back with moss and wood on it. 
The peat note is strong in this and feels maybe a bit too dominating? The finish is of medium length and sweet with notes lingering of the dark chocolate and vanilla. A very interesting dram for sure, giving it an 7+ out of 10 for me. 

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