Bushmills – Black Bush – Tasting Notes

The Bushmills Black Bush is matured for up to seven years in Spanish oloroso sherry casks and bourbon barrels. Had a taste of this in the #BushmillsWhiskey Twitter Tasting lately and got to write some notes on it.

There is some orange and mineral note with dark sweetness going on in here, A bit salty and feels “rough” on some fronts almost. It also has a velvet soft side that is creamy with some floral notes. Wood varnish, toffee, pears, red fruit, dark berry jam, lemon, mint, raisin, and vanilla.
Light sour citrus note and sweetness with oranges, but also a bit of dry note. The mineral feel stays with a combination of floral note and spice. There is a very high sweet note as combination of vanilla and sugar cane with an edge of wood. It is much like the nose, sweet fruity, creamy, vanilla, red fruit and banana.

Medium length sweet finish with honey, dark, chocolate and a light leather feel to it.

Scoring this one a 6,5 out of 10. Bit due to heavy on the sweet notes and the combination with the bit mineral/metal feeling that is going on in this fresh and fruity expression. Can imagine that this can be lovely on a warm summer day or with a dessert paired. But think adding ice to it will enhance the metal note to much, but it can tone down the sweet side. Something to try out some day for sure, see how it reacts. 

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