Bushmills 12 year old – Tasting Notes

In the recent #BushmillsWhiskey Twitter Tasting I got a chance to make some notes on the Bushmills 12 year old expression.

It is much like the 10 year old but with a bit deeper sweetness and fuller fruit feel to it. More creamy and soft citrus notes like grapefruit, oranges, dried fruit, vanilla creamy, stuffed pastry, powdered sugar. A sweet dram, honey, ripe fruit, red apple, raisin, hint of lemon, marmalade, cereal, banana

Banana, powdered sugar, fruit, sweet, red apple, pear, orange, grapes, sultana, vanilla, blossom, hint of liquorish, dried apricots and dried pineapple. Creamy and marmalade bitter, mint, pepper and bit red wine dryness on the teeth with dry cocoa

Medium length finish, a bit more to it then the 10 year old, a bit richer. But still there is not a special wow feeling…? Scoring an 7/10


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