Glen Moray – 12 yo – Tasting Notes

Photo by the Whisky Exchange
In a recent blind tasting I wrote some notes on this 12 year old Glen Moray. There is a golden yellow color on this whisky with cookie dough and chocolate on the nose. 
The nose gives rich vanilla, red apple, fruits, dash of lemon and also a bit dusty notes. So rinsed the glass with the whisky and then with smelling my hands it gives me not so pleasant flavours of a cat litter. Mhmm. Strange one this, also a bit sour/bitter note in it which I can’t place. 
On the palate there is sweetness again with chocolate, vanilla, raisin and with a bit dry layer underneath. Sweet, but nutty dryness almost also. Not a lively palate or long finish either. Hint of citrus freshness in the back. Finish is sweet and leaves a creamy mouth feel but with sugar cane feeling and caramel. Score for this one an 6,5/10. Need to give this one a second chance someday I think.  

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