Rascally Liquor – Annandale new make malt spirit – Tasting Notes

Recently we had the chance to visit Annandale distillery and take with us some of their spirit. This is the non peated version tasted here, the peated one is a suprising one for sure and notes coming on that soon.

Sweet malty note combined with stewed fruit and clover honey. There is a vanilla custard pudding note to it with raspberry, blackberry, strawberry and blackcurrent. Some red pepper, oranges an red apple mixed with dried banana.

Like the nose, sweet and fruity, and all the notes come back perfectly. It has some spices and rich ripe fruits allready in it. Imagine this then after maturation. Will be looking forward to tasting that for sure! It allready has some rich vanilla sweetness going on with almost a demerara sugar feel to it. Very promising spirit with a medium length sweet malty finish


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