Benromach 10 YO – Tasting Notes

Tasted this lovely Benromach 10 year old a while back. Got a sample send by Gordon & MacPhail and got the chance to have another close look at it. Still lovely 10 year old expression and got some other samples of this distillery, and I look forward to exploring them soon.

Fresh tropical sweet tones, filled also with peaches, apricots, fruit, honey, vanilla and some floral notes. Light smoke detected in the back together with raisin, milk chocolate and whole grain cookies.

On a second chance to make some notes on it I nosed some fresh citrus notes of pink grapefruit and whole grain cookies. Vanilla, rich fruits and honey, toffee and light grass green notes. Light nutty note in the back, little pieces of ginger, little hint of sage and green apples with marzipan.

A sweet and warm dram. The light smoke, raisin, honey, chocolate, fruits, ripe stone fruits, red apple, vanilla and tropical fruits make it a very pleasant one.

On a second nosing and tasting I got some pepper, vanilla and chocolate sweetness with dried fruits and creamy with some white grapes on the finish with white chocolate and raisins. The chocolate is very clear and warm finish. Green apples, ginger, nutty note with hint of marzipan and orange marmalade.

Honey and sweet middle length finish

7 to 7,5 out of 10.

Looking at my notes above and after making these notes in 2014 earlier I always find it nice to make some new ones on it. This time I did during a Twitter Tasting where the lovely new 15 year old expression was set aside it. It looks like that the 10 year old never seems to dissapointed me for sure. I got out of it this time a malty and fruity feel with dried ginger, red apple, chocolate, ripe red forrest fruits and some herbal notes. Some lemon curd and like you are standing in a French pastry & chocolate shop, sipping on some pearjuice. Warm stewed fruits, light smoke, floral notes, honeycomb, dried fruits and on the finish a mix of cocoa and bit laurel liquerish. The earlier score of 7-7,5 needs to go up defenitly to at least a 7,5. Lovely product and shows plenty of depth if you sit with it for a while…


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