Murray McDavid – Mission Gold – Bunnahabhain 1978

The Mission Gold from Murray McDavid is a whisky that left me a bit puzzled at the Twitter Tasting really. It has some really great notes but did felt like there was some in balance and made some notes to heavy on the palate present.  

It is at a strength of 50% and is finished in a Port pipe after being in a refill Sherry. Maybe that combination is what made me puzzled and not being sure if I like it or not. 
The nose is sweet, creamy and soft. Dried fruits, honey and a hint of salty crispy backed bacon. Figs, vanilla, sultana, red apple, banana, chocolate, Christmas cake, marzipan and dense forrest fruit jam notes. 
On the palate I find a little back of the notes of the nose, but now some herbal notes come through strong. Cloves, lavender, laurel, lime and orange rand. The finish is of medium length and has a banana/chocolate sweetness with vanilla. But also like taking a bite out of a pink grapefruit covered with sugar. The richness of the nose makes me smile, but the strong herbal notes of the palate don’t, and with that lowering my score to an 6,5/10 sadly. 

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