Murray McDavid – The Vatting

In the Twitter Tasting of Murray McDavid we got treated to The Vatting, a Glenmorangie tea spooned with a little bit of Glen Moray. They provided us with little sheets to draw out what we tasted during the event. Something different and fun to other Twitter Tastings for sure, not easy to do while making notes also, but managed to doodle some for this one.

The nose has a bit more dense sweetness and a thick rich creamy feel. Vanilla, dried fruits and bananas come to mind. Ginger, cinnamon, chocolate, fudge, Christmas cake, powdered sugar and candied/sugared citrus fruit.

On the palate there is rum raisins sweetness with a rich, creamy vanilla, honey and brownies feel. The notes from the nose come back very nicely. Nutmeg, cocoa dryness, cherry, plums, mint and citrus. The medium length sweet finish had a bit of demerara sugar feel to it with dark chocolate and rich custard. Feels balanced and scores me an 7,5/10 for sure.


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