The Isle of Jura – Elixer 12 year old

20th day of The Whisky Advent Calender from the guys at Drink By The Dram brings the Isle of Jura Elixer 12 year old bottled at 40%. There is not much about this dram I can find about the make up of it sadly…

On the nose I get some vanilla pipe tobacco, plums, oak and iodine. Winegums, macademia and walnuts, lots of sulphur, coffee and toffee. Not a very pleasant nose to me sadly. I let it sit there for a while to see if it would change but it stayed much the same…

Tasting it I get lot from notes from the nose mixed with some oily and metallic feel to it. Lots of citrus acidity it seems with honey running through it all. Not a very long finish but has some sweetness to it from coffee, chocolate, vanilla and toffee. Not my favourite dram… Scoring me an 6,5 out of 10. 

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