Linkwood – Flora and Fauna – 12 year old

In the Flora and Fauna series is this 12 year old expression from the Linkwood distillery bottled at 43%. In 2014 during the Spirit of Speyside festival WhiskySpeller visited the Linkwood distillery and wrote a bit about that day here. Some pictures can be found here.

On the nose I find a bit of oak sweetness mixed with some floral notes and hints of different nuts. Grassy and pepper notes with almonds, creamy citrus, green apples, grapefruit, orange, cinnamon, cardamom, lime and bit sour yoghurt.

The palate is sweeter then the nose, has more honeyed and fruit notes in it. The nose was richer on the citrus and grassy notes. Still a high level of citrus on the palate but more creamy with vanilla, raisin, banana, red apple, old spice and cashew nuts.

The finish is not that long and had a bit demerara sugar on it with a soft chocolate edge to it. Scoring an 7 out of 10. Just a bit too citrus acidic for my personal taste and it shows its notes not easily must say…


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