Eden Mill – Golden Promise Pale, Crystal and Brown malt

The Burns Day 2016 from Eden Mill Distillery & Brewery is an one year old spirit expression bottled at 43% to show the progress made of spirit maturing in american virgin oak.

Before I had a look at the golden promise pale malt and the chocolate & golden promise pale malt expression in this series of spirits. In this tasting note I am going to have a closer look at the spirit made of the golden promise pale malt, crystal malt and brown malt. 

Nose is fresh, soft and fruity. Soft notes of fresh wood and vanilla sponge cake, mocha, toffee, walnuts and malts coming through. Palate is an explosion of vanilla, powdered sugar, orchard, stone and tropical fruits.

The sweet, almost lingering towards a warm piece of toast with butter, is covered by a fresh feeling of a lemon sorbet. Creamy, sweet and fresh spirit with a soft finish of nuts, fruit, fudge and sponge cake. But a small hint of a metallic feeling on the edge that I hope will fade away with ageing. A very nice combinations of malts used in this one. Very promising. 


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