Spice King – Batch Strength



Last week I had a closer look at The Hive from Wemyss Malts in their recent line of Batch Strength #001 expressions. Today a closer look is given at the Spice King, bottled at 56%. These blended malts have been blended from a selection of casks of single malt whiskies from over 10 Scottish distilleries. Suggested retail prices are between 45 to 50 pounds per bottle. Have a look also at some of the reviews on previous Spice King expressions.

Spice King 12 year old – 40%
Spice King (2015) – 46%
Spice King 5 years old – 40%

The Batch Strength expression has some heather, spices and barley notes on the nose first mixed with plums, pepper, raisins, tobacco and vanilla. I can also find some passion fruit, very ripe mango, banana peels, hint of citrus freshness, salty caramel, laurel, cloves, nutmeg and wood polish on the nose.

The palate is much like the nose, giving me a feeling of freshly made popcorn, orange juice and salty dark liquorish sweets. Some salmiak, mocha and roasted root vegetables with honey come to mind. Peppery sharpness and an almost ginger like freshness mixing through it with red apples and bananas. Leaving a salty heathery dryness on the middle length finish between vanilla cream bun notes that are covered with powdered sugar notes. Overall a pleasant dram for sure! Thanks for sharing a sample Wemyss!


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