Talisker 57° North

talisker_singlemalt_50northThe days have been getting shorter lately with wind howling around the house, rain pouring down on the roof and waking up in the early hours to the sounds of ice scrapers trying to clear the many car windows. Time to turn on the heaters in the house, pull out the fleece sweaters again, thick woollen socks and pour myself a dram of a bottle that has been hiding in the back of the cupboard for a while. The Talisker expression called 57° North. The name of this whisky is referring to the location where the distillery is situated. Curious to read more about this place? Check out WhiskySpeller’s article on the visit there recently.

On the nose I can find different fruit notes mixed with salty ham, toffee, seaweed, black pepper, vanilla, apples, honey and banana foam candy flavours. This all continues perfectly onto the palate where it is even more intensified by the strength of the whisky that is bottled at 57%. Creamy warm custard pudding with mixed red sweet summer fruit and thick whipped cream comes to mind. It is a warming dram with coastal and earthy notes gently mixing between the honeyed fruit, fudge and spices. The good length finish has for me a note of liquorish and of a chocolate bar with salty caramel in it. A good dram for this time of the year. Think I pour myself another one… Cheers!



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