Gordon & MacPhail -Connoisseurs Choice – Inchgower 2002/2016


Recently Gordon & MacPhail send over a sample out of the Connoisseurs Choice range in the #WoodMTW campaign. From the Inchgower distillery comes this whisky that is distilled in 2002 and has been maturing in a refill Sherry hogshead until midst 2016 after which it was then bottled at 46%. Soft nose at first for sure, but it does have some rich notes in it of raisins, vanilla, fruit cake, dried cranberry, dried apricots, honey, ginger, toast and jasmine. Getting some other notes that make me write down also dusty, waxy, black tea dryness.

Palate is much like the nose flavour wise, but not soft anymore for sure. Cherry notes are added to it with honey, black pepper, red apple, banana and loads of winegums. Peppermint freshness and toffee sweetness mixed together on the medium length finish. That waxy note and strong black tea dryness I got on the nose also comes back on the finish. That makes this not a huge favorite for me, feels not balanced…? Maybe have to sit down with this one again another time and see what it gives me, thanks for sharing a sample Gordon & MacPhail!



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