Gordon & MacPhail – Distillery Labels – Strathisla 2005/2015


From Gordon & MacPhail in the #WoodMTW campaign a sample out of the Distillery Labels range was send over to explore. A Strathisla bottling at 43%, matured from 2005 until the end of 2015 in a first fill Sherry hogshead. A sweet warm fruity nose at first with some cherry blossom and elderflower syrup clearly in the front. Lovely soft cappuccino note then follows in the back with creamy vanilla, candied and dried fruits, sandal wood, beeswax, fresh citrus, warm chestnuts and soft toffee.

Creamy and liquorish on the palate, full with soft notes of fresh, dried and candied fruits. The nose and palate are balanced and show a fruity sweet dram with a high note of toffee. On the palate I find more soft spices and ginger present then on the nose. The citrus note in it breaks the sweetness beautifully and carriers on to the medium length finish together with the creamy vanilla, chocolate shavings, coffee and toffee. If you would be thinking in pictures of food I would say it reminds me of a slice of freshly backed warm rich apple pie with on the side a big mug of cappuccino with on top caramel syrup, toffee and chocolate shavings. Warming flavours, perfect for this season. Thanks for sharing Gordon & MacPhail!



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