Dalwhinnie – 15


This 20cl bottle of a fifteen year old Dalwhinnie bottled at 43% has been in our home for quite some time now, but somehow never was openend and tasted for a review. After the WhiskySpeller article on this distillery last weekend I found it more then time to enjoy some of this whisky that they call ‘The Gentle Dram’ and take a closer look at it.

On the nose I find floral and sweet notes. Creamy toffee, fresh fruits, a hint of heather, honeysuckle, dried apples, banana, vanilla, maybe a hint of pear juice and definitely some herbal and nutty notes. The palate is also sweet and has the notes of creamy toffee again. But also shows me some flavours of apricots, honey, raisins, vanilla, plums, oranges, lemon, lemon popping candy, sponge cake, hint of coffee and black pepper. Malty also in here for sure bit lingering between puffy cereal and burned toast…

That malty note mixed with nuts between the vanilla ice cream sweetness continues on the finish that has a good length to it. When you look online you hear people saying this has smoky and peaty notes in it, those I am not detecting so much and find it more fruit and floral sweet. But maybe it is hiding a bit for me in that hint of heather and herbal note I did find on the nose and palate. Not an earthy or ashy feeling to it and that is something that I think many people connect to it when they hear smoky and peaty. Interesting dram, enjoying it very much, glad I took a closer look.


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